Hemorrhoid Ointment

hemorrhoid ointment

One of the best ways to control the pain caused by hemorrhoids is the use of hemorrhoid ointment. However, most individuals who are going through a lot of discomfort because of hemorrhoids usually overlook the option to use the ointments for hemorrhoids which can be purchased over the counter. They, instead, choose to go to doctors to seek medical treatment. This is, of course, a lot better but this could cost you more. Also, professional treatment is sometimes unnecessary.

A hemorrhoids ointment is extremely effective providing relief from the pain and has anti-itch properties to deal with the intense itching. Thus, it also helps in preventing infection since you would refrain from scratching the infected area. The best news is that it is very affordable! There is no need to consult a doctor first before buying an over-the-counter hemorrhoid ointments except if you happen to have allergies, hypertension, diabetes, or if you are currently using some other health products.

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Hemorrhoids are essentially tissue sacs and veins which have been inflamed and got swollen because of straining during bowel movements. When the veins or tissues which got inflamed are those inside the rectum, you will not feel any pain. You may, however, experience some bleeding or feel fullness inside your rectum, as if you are feeling the urge to defecate. This is called an internal hemorrhoid.

There are times when an internal hemorrhoid stretches down until it protrudes outside your anus. This is referred to as a prolapsed hemorrhoid. If this happens, you may either feel a painless lump when you wipe after defecation or experience a pinching feeling. Prolapsed hemorrhoids eventually will go back inside the rectum, but you can choose to push it gently back inside. They can also be painful or itchy. Sometimes, a blood clot may form. If so, you may feel a sore lump on the rim of your anus. It is also possible for the hemorrhoid to crack and bleed.

External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, involve the veins and tissues outside your anus. They may also bleed, due to rubbing or straining. External hemorrhoids are generally painful and itchy, particularly in the event of a blood clot formation.

Hemorrhoid Ointment

For many generations already, the use of hemorrhoidal ointment has been the first line of defense for self-treatment of hemorrhoids and it is still so today. Therefore, when that all too familiar itchiness and painful sensation comes back, you have to go to the nearest pharmacy or store to buy some ointment for hemorrhoids. Many hemorrhoids ointments products and other topical treatments for hemorrhoids are available out there, so do not hesitate to shop around and try using them.

A lot of these products are going to provide you relief from the pain and itchiness that comes with hemorrhoids. Many sufferers make it a point to keep the ointment with them so that whenever they need to make a bowel movement, they can first apply some ointment on the affected area so it may get a little numb to lessen the pain associated with the bowel movement. Afterwards, they would apply ointment again.

Aside from providing relief from the pain, having a hemorrhoid ointment with you at all times lets you minister to the itchiness as soon as it begins, so that it does not get unmanageable.