Hemorrhoids Doctor

hemorrhoids doctorWhen hemorrhoids have taken a turn for the worse and has started exhibiting painful symptoms, it is imperative to see a hemorrhoids doctor. In fact, the earlier a person with hemorrhoids seeks treatment, the better it is for him.

It is not advisable to wait for the hemorrhoids to swell or bleed profusely before seeing a hemorrhoid doctor. Hemorrhoids are not really life threatening. But, you need to take heed of its symptoms so you would not have to endure the discomfort it could cause.

There are symptoms that are easy enough to spot even when some kinds of hemorrhoids do not manifest obvious symptoms. There are varying symptoms depending on where the hemorrhoids are located. Technically speaking, hemorrhoids are cushions of tissue with veins located in the anal and rectal areas.

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The term hemorrhoids have been commonly used alternatingly with piles to describe a condition where the veins are swollen and inflammed. You can either have internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorroids, obviously, are those that are located in the anal canal. Since there are no pain receptors in this area of the human anatomy, no pain could be felt when hemorrhoids are located in this area.

External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, are those that form under the anal skin. It is this kind that could be extremely painful especially when blood has pooled and clotted. Bleeding during bowel movements could result from the presence of either internal or external hemorrhoids. Such bleeding should signal you to consult with a hemorrhoids doctors right away.

It is the presence of blood in the toilet paper or in the toilet bowl that is the most obvious indication of hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids could be felt as a protrusion or a lump in the anus. The hemorrhoids can be examined by a hemorrhoid doctors to determine what treatment should be done. Doctors that treat hemorrhoids would also be able to confirm the presence of internal hemorrhoids through a rectal examination or a colonoscopy.

Bleeding could also be caused by other more serious ailments in the digestive tract, the colon, or the rectum. Colorectal cancer is known to exhibit this same symptom. This makes it all the more necessary for anyone who observes the presence of the blood during bowel movements to seek medical treatment.

Hemorrhoids are not difficult to treat. The earlier it is detected, the easier it is to treat. Slight swelling of the hemorrhoids could often be remedied with a change in one’s diet and lifestyle. Basically, you just have to ease up on the strain that you are putting on your pelvic and rectal areas. By softening your stool, you are in effect making it easier for your anal muscles to push your wastes out of your body.

Note that your weight is also one factor that could predispose you to having hemorrhoids. Lose a few pounds and you will succeed in averting a potentially painful and discomforting condition. If you already have hemorrhoids that are extremely swollen, you should already consult a hemorrhoids doctor to determine the kind of treatment that is best for your condition.