Hemorrhoids Pain

hemorrhoids painLooking for hemorrhoids pain relief? Basically, hemorrhoids are inflamed sacs of varicose veins and tissues that can be found in the rectal and the anal areas.

All of us have these tissue sacs located in the rectal and anal areas as these assist in moving fecal matter out of our systems.

Sometimes, during defecation, straining cannot be helped. This straining could result in the inflammation of the tissue sacs and they would begin to swell and hurt severely.

These are now hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids pain is agonizing. However, if you are experiencing hemorrhoids in the present, you do not have to continue suffering; hemorrhoids are treatable.

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Aside from straining, hemorrhoids can also result from prolonged periods of constipation and sitting. An unhealthy diet can also give to hemorrhoids. It is still mystery to doctors why some healthy individuals acquire hemorrhoids while the individuals who are not taking very good care of their health do not. Most of the time, hemorrhoids do not present a serious problem for the individual. However, there are cases when surgery is necessary to remove the hemorrhoids.

If all the individuals who have experienced having hemorrhoids would be asked for the one thing that they hated most about the condition, they would probably give the same answer—that hemorrhoid pain is unbearable. It is so unbearable that you may no longer be able to do anything productive. The simple act of sitting down would be so difficult, and making a bowel movement would be extremely painful. Your everyday activities may deeply be affected by painful hemorrhoids. Luckily, you can do something about it!

There are hemorrhoid pain treatment that you can try. The great thing about them is aside from the fact that they are effective is that they are easy to do, and can be done in the comfort of your own home!

First, you should begin taking Seitz baths. A Seitz bath here means that you should bathe in warm water for fifteen minutes, cleansing the area affected with hemorrhoids with very mild soap and warm water. If you would be more comfortable sitting in the tub, you can choose to do so. You are to take a warm Seitz bath twice or thrice a day. In addition to these baths, take another one after each bowel movement. Doing this will prevent infection since the area is kept clean. It will also help in easing the pain.

Apply creams and ointments which you can purchase over the counter. Most of the time, the pain experienced during and after a bowel movement and the intense itchiness that follows are what makes the hemorrhoids pain excruciating. Thus, these medications can help greatly since many of these have numbing qualities which can alleviate the pain and anti-itch properties to deal with the itchiness.

Also, the use of cold compress should not be ignored. Ice has long been and is still is one of the most effective treatments for swelling and pain. Not only will the swelling be reduced, but the area will also be numbed a little before a bowel movement.

There are many other treatments to deal with hemorrhoids pain but the aforementioned are among the most effective and easiest to do. Following them as early as possible will never let the pain get out of hand and you will have the hemorrhoids healed in no time.