Hemroid Relief

hemroid reliefAside from just knowing the treatment options that will provide hemroid relief, the most important thing that you must do is to know the cause of hemroids itself.

If you neglect to do this, then the hemroids relief you will get will only be temporary since the hemroids are still there.

The following self-help measures may provide the hemroid pain relief that you need but will not make cure the hemroids completely.

Nevertheless, it does not hurt to know what you can do about it, especially when the pain or itching associated with hemroids get unbearable.

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There are many different health products available on the market used to treat the symptoms of hemroids. These products come in the form of creams, gels, ointments, distilled liquids, medicated pads, foams, and suppositories. These are all for external use only. The creams, gels and ointments must be applied as a thin covering when used around the anus. They should be inserted with a pile pipe or with your finger if when used for the anal canal area. The best pile pipes are those with holes at the end and on the sides. When using one, you must first grease it with ointment before inserting it.

Most of these products contain a protecting ingredient aside from the active ingredient. If you need temporary hemroid relief for the symptoms you are experiencing such as inflammation and burning sensation, you can do the following tips:

1) Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. It is recommended that you incorporate some fiber in your diet. The amount of fiber should be adjusted accordingly with your water intake.

2) Apply a hemroid suppository or cream that contains hydrocortisone. You may also use a witch hazel medicated pad or a topical that has numbing properties.

3) Make it a point to keep the anal area dry and clean. Take a bath daily and gently wash the affected area with warm water and a very mild soap. The affected area must be kept dry to prevent irritation.

4) Apply a cold compress on the affected area to ease the swelling. Be certain that the ice you are using is not sticky. It must be wet and slippery instead.

5) Buy Epsom salts from the drug store and put them in the bathtub with warm water. Sit there for about ten minutes to acquire hemroid relief. You can sit in there longer, if you think it is necessary.

6) When wiping after a bowel movement, do not use a dry toilet paper. Use wet wipes or moist towels instead. Do not use the ones which are scented or those containing alcohol.

7) If your hemroids are prolapsed (coming out from the anus), gently push them back inside. The pain should be gone rapidly once they are back inside.

8) Sitting on regular chairs and sofas are still painful if you have hemroids. For this reason, you can choose to use a hemroid cushion instead. This is an inflatable, ring-shaped rubber cushion which minimizes the contact pressure between the hemroid and the sitting surface. Thus, you will experience less pain.

As mentioned earlier, these self-help measures can only provide temporary hemroid relief. To completely heal the hemroids, you may need to take some medications which you cannot buy over-the-counter or even need a surgical removal. Surgery is, of course, the last resort and it is rarely needed. It is still best to visit your doctor and hear what he has to say.