Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment

internal hemorrhoids treatmentHemorrhoids are veins in the rectum and anus that has swelled and inflamed. Internal hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that happen in the rectum.

Due to the lack of pain receptors in the rectum, internal hemorrhoids are not painful though they may bleed when agitated.

Bleeding internal hemorrhoids treatment are done to avoid it from developing into two possible severe hemorrhoids namely:

prolapsed hemorrhoids, where the internal hemorrhoid pushes out of the anus, and strangulated hemorrhoids, where the prolapsed hemorrhoid is trapped outside the anus cutting off its blood supply.

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Internal hemorrhoids are categorized into different grades. Grade I hemorrhoids are internal hemorrhoids that haven’t prolapsed yet. Grade II hemorrhoids are internal hemorrhoids that prolapse during bowel movement but spontaneously reduce. Grade III hemorrhoids are internal hemorrhoids that prolapse during bowel movement but must be manually reduced. And, Grade IV hemorrhoids are internal hemorrhoids that prolapse but cannot be reduced manually.

There is no known medicine that will cure hemorrhoids but there are treatment for internal hemorrhoids that will help in managing and reducing its symptoms. Hemorrhoids internal treatment is made so that the hemorrhoid will not be aggravated and become worse allowing it to heal naturally. When the hemorrhoid has advanced to a more severe form of hemorrhoid, more invasive treatments will be needed.

Natural internal hemorrhoids home treatment include taking supplements that help in regulating bowel movement, blood circulation, and strengthening of the vein walls. Since hemorrhoids are caused by increased strain in the rectal area during defecation, being able to defecate regularly and easily without irritating the hemorrhoid is one way of avoiding aggravation of the hemorrhoid.

Making one’s stool softer will also make defecation easier. This can be achieved by eating foods high in dietary fiber and drinking lots of water. Drinking chamomile tea a couple of times a day can also help in passing stool regularly. Also, strengthening of the vein walls allows it to resist more strain and reduce swelling and inflammation.

For severe cases of hemorrhoids and for those who have chronic hemorrhoids surgical and non-medicinal internal hemorrhoids treatment is recommended. Some treatments used are:

1) Rubber band ligation – an elastic band is used to cut off the blood flow through the affected area. It is then shed off naturally during bowel movement.

2) Galvanic Electrotherapy – the hemorrhoid is desiccated or dried up by using an electric current.

3) Sclerotherapy – a hardening agent is injected to the hemorrhoid making the vein walls collapse and shrink the hemorrhoid.

4) Infrared or BICAP coagulation – infrared beam or electricity is used to cauterize the hemorrhoid.

5) Hemorrhoidectomy – a real surgical procedure where hemorrhoids are surgically removed. Side effects it causes later in life makes it a last resort method and only used for Grade IV hemorrhoids.

6) Enema – The rectum is cleaned by injecting water into it and flushing it out.

All medical procedures should be consulted first with a doctor and should be done by a trained professional to avoid complications. Future internal hemorrhoids treatment can be prevented by finding out what causes the hemorrhoids and doing something about it.